Sikander-e-Azam Plus has a rich history in India and this garden has so many flowers. Every flower has its own benefits, Fragrance and Importance.

In the Era Of Sikander-e-Azam Plus a king was able to serve 100 plus queens!! Yes You read it right 100+ plus queens and those queens has children as well some time more then 10.

Ever Wonder how? How It is possible.

We will Explain you!!! The king and his soliders was very particular about there diet. And the Kamasutra has a complete chapter of food and herbs. I mean its written in kamasutra which herbs and fruits can increase stamina and sex power.

So the secret is no more secret and the main herbs are:-

Keda jadi
and so many others

Since then, the pharmacy has continuously improved the version of the formulations with the complete integration of latest processing techniques and research methods. We are now working with a strong presence in Online and Offline segment, heading new accomplishments for a better and more natural tomorrow.

We have a dedicated and specialized wing of researchers who excel research in various aspects of human health. We believe in result oriented and natural treatment therapies to minimize the risk of side effects and increase the success rate. It is our habit since the very start to pay utmost attention to every single client, which has made us a trusted and renowned leader in Natural and Herbal health care treatments.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple; To bring back the lost glory of Naturopathy by revolutionizing natural treatment methods. We are working hard to enter our products in every such household who require treatment and to become familiar with every tongue.

Our Mission

Our mission to serve mankind is our reason to strive today. We raise our quality bar every time to serve patients with most ideal services, by offering safe, powerful and pure natural treatments. To remove the issue with herbs, saving costs and bringing harmony to our patients is our ultimate goal.