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Increase Penis Size

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  • Use only once a day
  • Increase Upto 5 cm in a month
  • Natural and sustainable growth
  • No side effects
  • 100% Natural Ingredient

>A GMP Certified Hashmi Dawakhana Est in 1929

>Visible Results in a Large Number of Patients.

>100% Natural & Zero Side Effects.

After ordering SIKANDER-E-AZAM PLUS you are sure to

  • Penis enlargement upto 4 cm.
  • Increase in penis circumference by 30%.
  • Stagnant and full of strength at any time of day or night.
  • Pleasure orgasm for a long time.
  • 3 times more capacity in bed than before (mating time will be 4-5 hours!)

Increase your penis size forever in one go!

Real results in only 4 weeks!

1In the first and second week: The stiffness becomes stiff for a long time, the sensitivity of the penis increases up to 2 times. Results start appearing - because your penis size would have grown by 1.5 cm.

2In the second and third week: Before your penis starts showing size increase, it becomes structurally accurate. The lingering time increases to 40%!

3In the fourth week and beyond: Your Penis rises upto by 4cm. The pleasure of sex becomes even better than before. Organisms are long-lasting, lasting 5-7 minutes!

Increase Size in One Month - Enjoy Life Forever!

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About Us

In 1929, Mr. Mehtab Uddin Hashmi founded The Hashmi International in India. Since its inception it has been a reflection of customer requirements. With an objective to become one roof solution for all. He had a mission, to make quality phytopharmaceuticals available to the public in standardized packages. A hand operated tablet punching machine was an important part of the company then. Several cranks with the hand were needed to process herbal mixtures into single pills. History of the company spells the triumph of burning desire, courage to face the entire hardihood en route turning dreams into a reality and a lot of spadework, of course. Hashmi, the brain-child of a group of experienced medical practitioners is based on a thorough understanding of the medical needs of people around the globe. Their unfailing zeal to alleviate the plight of the underprivileged and suffering community remains the inspiration behind the entire effort.

Hashmi has adopted Total Quality Management, meticulously monitoring the purchase and storage of raw materials, their extractions, the manufacturing process and the packaging of products. Moving with the times Hashmi has invested in Freeze Drying, a process that increases the shelf life and reliability of herbal products. We at Hashmi consider ourselves very lucky. We have the honor of providing a wide range of Hashmi products and offer you the goodness of natural solutions for daily use, with no side effects. Those of you that we serve will have the opportunity to experience optimal health, more abundant energy, achieve your ideal weight, and much, much more - all through the use of safe, effective, natural, herbal products. It's easy to see why we're passionate about our business and take such pleasure in pleasing you.

At Hashmi our mission is to provide you with the best products and guidance available related to the most important aspect of your life - maintaining your excellent health. Along with this mission is our mandate to provide you with the herbal products you need at the lowest possible price thus helping you to maintain positive financial health as well! Hashmi ensures, always, that the consumer gets his value for money and this is the most prominent reason behind Hashmi's successful establishment in domestic market and increasing impact in other countries.Hashmi is a reputed name in the domain of herbal medicated products. We are prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Herbal.